Let's de-confine the conversation around gendered violence!

Months of a pandemic and weeks of quarantine in the Spring of 2020 have brought out violence that we thought was in the past. 

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The last few exceptional months that we have experienced, months of pandemic and containment, have exacerbated violence of all kinds. We have seen it bitterly for almost two years, the violence has worsened, intensified and transformed. This violence is sexist and sexual, it is racist, colonial, ableist and homophobic and it prevents women from being heard. The impacts of this systemic violence are felt by all women, but particularly by Aboriginal women, health care workers, women who are racialized by society, immigrant women, LGBTQ+ people, women with disabilities, confined women, women living with mental health issues, women in prison or in the justice system, non-status women, sex workers, and women living in homelessness.

In this context of increasing violence, barriers to access to services still obstruct the path of many people. On the ground, we see that no rights or other forms of protection, which we have obtained through previous struggles, can be taken for granted. There are still so many obstacles, discrimination and inequalities that affect people at the crossroads of oppression, violating them, weakening them and even killing them. This systemic violence persists in a way that is all the more insidious because it develops and is nourished in silence. Tools, courses and events are being developed to feed this 2021 campaign. Organizations from all over Quebec will invest in the campaign in order to talk about systemic violence and the different realities of women related to this violence.

The launch of the 2021 campaign will take place on November 25 and a commemoration of the 31st anniversary of the École Polytechnique attack will be held on December 6. Between these two dates, various activities, speeches and actions will allow us to deconsecrate the discussion around the violence that women experience. Together we will turn the worst into an opportunity for change. Let's refuse the silence and make all forms of systemic violence (re)known. Let's continue to act for the elimination of violence against women.


Be part of the change!